Junkers Ju87 "Stuka"


While an effective close support aircraft, the Stuka was vulnerable to enemy fighters and suffered very heavy losses as the Allies regained air superiority later in the war. The most highly-decorated German soldier of the war was a Stuka pilot, Hans Rudel, who managed to destroy over 500 tanks, nine enemy aircraft, and a number of ships, including one battleship. He was shot down a lot, and wounded five times, losing a leg. He kept flying, anyway, and even took up mountain climbing after the war. Imagine what he could've done with a GOOD plane...

Cool stuff for Stuka lovers:

Stuka Pilot The memoirs of Hans Rudel, the deadliest Stuka pilot of World War Two.

Stuka Ju87 is a wonderfully illustrated technical history of the Junkers Ju87. Artwork by Rikyu Watanabe.

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