A Field Guide to Major WW2 Combat Aircraft

Table of Contents

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Japanese Aircraft German Aircraft Italian Aircraft French Aircraft British Aircraft Soviet Aircraft American Aircraft
A6M - Infamous "Zero"
Ki84 - Late-war fighter
B5N - Torpedo bomber
D3A - Dive bomber
G4M - Medium bomber
Me109e - Fighter
Me109g - Fighter
Me110g - Night fighter
Fw190 - Fighter
Me262 - Jet fighter
Stuka - Dive bomber
He111 - Medium bomber
Ju88 - Medium bomber
Fi156 - Liason plane
Ju52 - Transport
M.C.202 - Fighter
S.M.79 - Medium bomber
D.520 - Fighter
Hurricane - Fighter
Spitfire Mk1 - Fighter
Spitfire MkIX - Fighter
Spitfire MkXIV - Fighter
Tempest - Fighter
Beaufighter - Night fighter
Mosquito - Multi-role fighter
Swordfish - Torpedo bomber
Wellington - Medium bomber
Lancaster - Heavy bomber
Tiger Moth - Trainer
Anson - Trainer
I-16 - Fighter
Mig-3 - Fighter
Yak-1 - Fighter
Yak-9 - Fighter
Yak-3 - Fighter
La-5fn - Fighter
Il-2 - Famous 'Sturmovik'
Il-4 - Medium bomber
Pe-2 - Multi-role fighter
Po-2 - Most useful plane ever
P-39 - Fighter
P-40 - Fighter
P-38 - Fighter
P-47 - Fighter
P-51 - Fighter
Wildcat - Carrier fighter
Hellcat - Carrier fighter
Corsair - Carrier fighter
Dauntless - Dive bomber
Avenger - Torpedo bomber
B-25 - Medium bomber
B-26 - Medium bomber
B-17 - Heavy bomber
B-24 - Heavy bomber
B-29 - Heavy bomber
PBY-5 - Flying boat
C-47 - Transport
L-4 - Liason plane
AT-6 - Trainer

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