Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-3


The Mig-3 was a very fast plane at the high altitudes it was designed to fly. Sadly, most air combat in Russia occurred at low altitude, where the plane flew like a dog (well, a dog with wings, I guess). It was hoped to re-engine the plane to improve its low altitude performance, but there were no engines to be had, so it fell into obscurity. No one heard much of anything else out of the Mig bureau again until the fifties, when they were looking for engines again. The British were nice enough to sell them some of theirs, which they promptly used to build the best jet fighter of the early cold war, the Mig-15.

Cool stuff for Mig-3 lovers:

Books in English about the Mig-3 are rarer than hen's teeth, but there is at least one, Mushroom's publication Mig-1/Mig-3, although it is out of print.

OKB Mig: A history of the Design Bureau and its Aircraft discusses the aircraft and its origins, along with all the other amazing aircraft conceived by the design bureau.

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