Avro Anson


Named for an 18th century British Admiral, the Anson was originally intended to be a maritime reconnaisance aircraft. Early Ansons were armed with 100 pound bombs for this task, which were not particlarly effective. In fact, the kill tally for the mighty Anson during the first six months of the war was one U-boat, one Anson (which was destroyed by its own bomb when it skipped off the water and burst underneath it) and four light bulbs broken in a mistaken attack upon the H.M.S. Snapper. The plane was hastily retired to training duty, where it served with distinction until the fifties.

Cool stuff for Anson lovers:

A lot of bomber pilots learned how to fly twin engine aircraft in the Anson, and you can to if you have the Avro Anson I -Pilot's Notes

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