Awesome Hawg Sites

Here's a list of the best websites for hawglovers:

The Warthog Pen Temporarily Down - Great collection of A-10 related news, information and videos. It features an outstanding collection of ladder door art.

Warthog Territory - The place to go if you want to chat with real Hog experts, this site hosts a message board whose sole topic of discourse is the A-10 warthog. Also features a very comprehensive list of links to other Hawg-friendly sites.

Hawgsmoke - Hawgsmoke is the biannual weapons meet for A-10 pilots, and it is also a rapidly growing website featuring updates on the competition, as well as information about individual A-10 units and fascinating stories from the A-10 flight line.

Don Logan Books - Don Logan is an accomplished writer who has written not one but TWO authoritave books about the A-10, as well as many books about other great aircraft. His website will give you a peek at his wares, and also offers some nice gallery's of his photography.

Reid Air Publishing - Reid Air Publshing offers the best photo walkaround book of the Hog you will find anywhere, and a few more books of interest for the detail-minded aviation enthusiast.

Warthog News - Great source for current news and information about the the A-10 Thunderbolt II. Check out its unique Warthog Deployments section.

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