Messerschmitt Me109e


The Me109 was one of the most produced fighter aircraft of all time. Subtract five percent of the nearly 35,000 built for landing accidents, though, as the 109 was notoriously difficult to taxi on its knock-kneed landing gear. Still, warts and all, it was a formidable fighter, and served with air forces around the globe. Like a 70's vintage Camaro, it wasn't the best in its class, but it was the one everyone compared themselves to. And, like those Camaros, you'd have a hard time finding one intact anymore.

The Blond Knight of Germany is the fascinating biography of the highest scoring fighter pilot in the world, Erich Harttmann, who flew the Me109 throughout the war.

Horrido! profiles all of the top-scoring aces of the Luftwaffe, many of who where interviewed for the book. A good read.

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