Nakajima B5N "Kate"

B5N Kate

The Japanese didn't normally name their airplanes, so the Americans named them instead. Fighters were named after boys, and bombers were named after girls. I'm not sure why, but that was probably an interesting staff meeting. I think they got it backwards, though...fighters were prettier, and bombers did most of the heavy lifting. Anyway, aside from some unlady-like behavior at Pearl Harbor and Midway, the Kate didn't fare too well in combat and not a single one exists today, aside from replicas.

Cool stuff for B5N lovers:

There is a depressing lack of good books in English devoted to individual Japanese aircraft, and the Kate is another victim of the language barrier. However, if you want to read an engrossing book about the Air War in the South Pacific, then check out Fire In The Sky: The Air War In The South Pacific

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