What Can I Do For You?

Boom and Zoom Graphics' specialty is delivering messages with maximum visual impact across a wide range of media. I have the training, tools and experience to bring your vision to life in print, in video and on the web. While I work with a wide variety of clients, I have an obvious passion for projects involved with cartooning or aerospace subjects, for this is where my own unique knowledge and experience can prove most useful.

I am highly proficient in most industry standard graphics software and have a great deal of experience with animation and web development. I have done a good deal of video and sound editing in both Mac and PC environments. I also work with more traditional media, especially pen and ink and airbrush. However, I feel that the tools are only a small part of the equation, and that my real strengths are my illustration and animation skills (which enable me to create unique imagery without falling back on tired and overused software effects and clip art), my passion for research (so that when you ASK for a picture of a Block 50 F-16, you get every rivet in the right place) and my years of experience in general (so that you get professional results on budget and on time).

If you are looking for a designer who is never out of his element, then you've come to the right place.

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