Fritz the Fox's Model and Skinners Reference Guide

For those of you who would like to paint or skin your model airplane like one of Fritz's airplanes, this reference guid should provide you with all the information you need. Many of the markings below are transparent PNG's, so skinners can cut and paste them into their graphics when needed. Have fun and show me your work when its done...I'd love to showcase it on!

Note that, in older copies of Fritz's cartoons, the WW2 Luftwaffe planes bear their historical swastika marking on the tail. The remastered versions of the cartoons no longer display a swastika, but substitute humorous graphics instead. This is because Fritz is a cartoon fox and therefore has no political affiliation. And also because he was banned from a school by someone with considerably less sense of humor than is considered normal.

Notice how the pawprint is often incorporated into the camouflage pattern. The Me110 did not dispay any distinct markings other than the shark's teeth and a funny tail marking in the cartoon, but I would paste "The Fox" nose art below the cockpit if I were to build a model of it. It was presumably obscured by the engines. Most of Fritz's planes wear reasonably accurate camouflage colors, although sometimes changes were made in consideration of the limitations of the animation process. Had it been technically possible at the time, for instance, I would have used the mottled camouflage more typical of the the Me262 instead of the simple two-tone color scheme.

Fritz the Fox himself tends to wear whatever uniform is appropriate for the aircraft he is flying. He nearly always wears his signature goggles. The best paint color for Fritz's fur is Burnt Sienna.

Of course, you will need a scale figure of Fritz, not found in most model kits. But fear not! I've got you covered. You can put Fritz the Fox in the cockpit of your favorite model airplane with this kitbasher's resin pilot kit! This set of plastic resin Fritz bits includes pieces you can use to recreate Fritz the Fox and his faithful companion, Hans the Dachshund, in several scales. They can easily be made to fit most plastic 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scale pilot figures included in scale model airplane kits. Simply lop off the head of the original pilot figure and substitute one of these heads in its place. Each kit contains everything you see in the photo above: Fritz the Fox heads in 1:72nd, 1:48th, 1:32nd scale, large and small fox tails, 1:72nd and 1:48th scale Hans heads, 1:72nd scale Hans body and tail, and one oxygen mask.(Note that parts may contain some flashing, which is easily sanded off. The parts shown in the photo have had larger bits of flashing broken off, but have not been sanded)

All of that shipped right to your door for a mere twelve dollars! (USA only...inquire for overseas orders)

Here's a couple examples of Fritz Bits used to create some pilot figures...

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