Armee De L'Air Aircraft Camouflage and Markings

While the French air force probably spent more time painting their planes than actually flying them during World War 2, there is little information about them available. This is not suprising, as they probably still don't want to talk about it. Despite leading the world in military aviation during World War I, the Armee de L'Air put up a very poor showing in World War II. During the interwar years, their aircraft industry failed to modernize, and a lack of inspired leadership resulted in a chaotic state of affairs that reduced their once impressive service to near impotence by the time the Luftwaffe filled the skies in 1940. French pilots found themselves with an outdated fleet of hangar queens and no clear strategic doctrine, and their few airworthy planes soon littered the French countryside like lawn darts at a family picnic.

But they blended in nicely with the landscape.

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