Fantastic Flying Tales

Fantastic Flying tales is a heavily-illustrated, 70-page softcover book of true flying stories. It contains eleven illustrated stories of aviation adventure. Eight of them are true. Two are historical fiction based on true events. One is arguably nonsense, but pretty funny. They are ALL unusual and entertaining. This book will put you in the cockpit as you...

Just read what these influential people are saying about it...

"Ab tak ki sabse achchhi kitab likhi gayi hai!" --Ghandi

"I bought two of them!" --author's mom

"Oh, I thought it was a comic book" --some jerk on the internet who didn't read the description

Note: I can only ship within the continental USA. If you live abroad, you will have to contact me for a quote on shipping, and owing to whatever problems are plaguing overseas mail right now (pirates?), I cannot guarantee it will arrive within your lifetime.

This book is also available via The Amazon copy is printed on demand, and somewhat lower in quality as a result (for example, copies purchased directly from me are printed on 80lb paper, whereas Amazon copies are 60lb paper, my copies have a title on the spine, etc...but they are a little cheaper to purchase and provide an option for those of you overseas who wish to get a copy without paying an outrageous shipping fee.

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