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This was an interesting assignment from Matrix Games. I was tasked with creating an intro video for a science fiction game. Since I had no 3-D animation tools at my disposal, I needed to put something together using the box art, snippets of game content and whatever else I could scrounge on my own using creative editing techniques. I intercut what video I did have with some public domain NASA footage, adding stock music and my own graphic elements, including the entire 2-D animated sequence at the end of the video, which was created in Flash from pieces of the box art. A lot of traditional animation techniques were substituted for expensive software solutions. For example, the lens flare was not the product of a filter, but actually a 4-frame sequence that I created in Photoshop and overlaid the video with, making creative use of dissolves to create a smooth transition. 2D visual elements were routinely blended with 3D animations to turn off-the-shelf footage into something unique. The entire sequence was compiled in Final Cut Express, and the end result is what you see before you.

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