This is some background art I created for one of my animated cartoons, "2009: A Spacebat Odyssey". The overall layout is accurate, but I like to bury a lot of little funny details into the art. It is as much for my own amusement as anyone else's, since most of it will be too small or flash by too quickly on the screen to ever be noticed. But it alleviates the tedium of drawing lots of buttons and will reward any viewer bored enough to freeze a frame and peer closely enough. I got a little carried away on this particular background, adding things that no one will ever see in a million years. Except you, dear viewer, who have been fortunate enough to stumble upon this page. I've highlighted a few of the less legible details.

Here is a close-up of the flight manual in the upper right-hand corner of the cockpit. This is a reference to a curious feature of the space shuttle, which lacks ejection seats. However, ejection seats were installed early in the program. They were removed on request of the astronauts, since only the pilot and commander would be able to eject, leaving the rest of the crew to share the fate of the shuttle. It seemed like a ludicrous engineering gaffe to me, and I wondered how the pilot operating handbook would discuss it.

This is a closeup from the aft portion of the cockpit (which is a different piece of artwork altogether) showing one of the many interesting things on display in the monitors. If I were going to do it again, I would have had 1 billion people like China's post.

There is a reason animating cartoons take me so long. I really don't know when to quit.

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