This is a banner I created for the Cincinnati Comic Expo that marks the location of a local Lego builder's club. The final art is over eight feet across. I do a lot of such work for the Expo. Below is another banner, created for a four-sided hanging display that marks the location of the Star Wars Zone, a large portion of the con devoted to the 501st Legion's props and activities. I have had a hand in the construction of many of those props, as well, which also normally require artwork.

Below is a backdrop created for a replica of the detention cell on the Death Star. We needed an image of the cell block hallway receding into the distance. The floor of the hallway is made from plastic shipping palettes (just like in the movie), but our palettes had a different pattern than the ones in the film, so I needed to create the image from scratch, rather than using a photo...

Below is a replica of the Kenner Star Wars action figure packaging designed for photo ops.I had to recreate the artwork on the card on a very large scale, since we did not have any photos of the original art in a resolution suitable for printing at that size. That's me inside it pretending to be a 4-inch tall Stormtrooper. We recently had the backdrop signed by the Kenner artist who created the original art in the seventies.

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