A Brief And Mostly Accurate History Of World War Two Air Combat

Air Combat is a highly readable and informative, 32-page graphic novel that chronicles the history of aerial combat during World War Two. Ideal for both kids and adults, this full color book highlights both events and aircraft in a fun and engaging comic book format that will not cramp your arm or put you to sleep. Includes several maps, so you know where the heck Kursk is located. Plus its high-quality, heavyweight paper makes it ideal for swatting flies, giving you the potential to become an ace yourself. Just read what these influential people are saying about it...

"Best book ever written." --Winston Churchill

"I bought two of them!" --author's mom

"I'm outraged for some reason!" --the internet

There are lots of authoritative books about air combat during World War Two. Why not buy one of them instead of this book? Because they're BORING, that's why! THIS book is FUNNY. It's FUN to read, and it has LOTS OF PICTURES. I'm not talking about those same old public domain photos someone found gathering dust in the basement of the National Archives, either...I mean REALLY COOL pictures that I drew myself and YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. And cartoons! It has CARTOONS! And lots of interesting footnotes. Sure, there are other scholarly tomes with footnotes, but these are INTERESTING footnotes that make you LAUGH and are utterly lacking in latin or obscure references to publications you will never, ever read anyway. THIS book will make you smarter, because you will actually read it all the way to the end, instead of falling asleep in boredom. You will LEARN and REMEMBER what you've read, because it made you laugh. And you will even be healthier, because laughing reduces stress and is good for your heart. You may even enjoy reading it so much you become inspired to begin a career in aviation. You might even become a fighter pilot like the ones mentioned in this book, and fighter pilots are COOL. Everybody wants to be COOL, right?

So let's recap, shall we? Buying this book will make you SMARTER, HEALTHIER and EVERYONE WILL THINK YOU'RE REALLY COOL. Plus it has lots of pictures. All that for five bucks (plus mumble mumble shipping). So what are you waiting for? You've already been sitting here reading this for ten minutes, and it's just a sales pitch. Buy the book!

Order while supplies last. Otherwise, you will have to wait until I get more supplies. Also, I need the money. Just buy it, already. Christmas is coming up, so you can always regift it...

Note: I can only ship within the continental USA. If you live abroad, you will have to contact me for a quote on shipping, and owing to the pandemic, I cannot guarantee it will arrive within your lifetime.

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